A properly fitted helmet is an important first step in player protection to determine head size, wrap a cloth measuring tape around the circumference of the player’s head measure approximately 1″ above the player’s eyebrows.

F7 Adult Football Helmet with  Attached Mask

Highest star rating. Elite New Protection For Football Helmets. Recommended by the Virginia Tech University independent testing program using the STAR evaluation method.

Helmet will come with same color mask on each helmet shown unless requested. The Schutt F7 football helmet featuring ground breaking Tektonic Plate Technology, a Helmet Stabilization System and a host of other advancements.

• New interior lining, called the Radian Diffusion System (RDS) Liner has been added under the helmet’s air liner – also improving the helmet’s performance against rotational forces.

• Helmet Stabilization System. Introduced on the Vengeance Z10 and AiR XP Pro Q10 helmets in 2016, the HSS enhances performance through a better fit. The enlarged jaw pad increases contact area and produces a secured, locked-in feel.

• TPU Cushioning, football’s most advanced impact absorption system. Six layers of performance and impact absorption in the F7. In addition, the F7 has its own unique line of specially designed faceguards.

All made from titanium, the most advanced faceguard material in the world – up to 60% lighter than traditional faceguards. – Weight is 3 pounds, 12 ounces!


Riddell Youth Speed Football Helmet

Patented side impact protection (PSIP) research-based mandible protection helps reduce the forces from side impacts.

Technology feature consists of side shell extensions combined with side liner extensions custom inflation and an overliner for proper fit, comfort and stability.

Custom-fit liner – Premium inflatable liner components used to make final sizing adjustments to make a custom fit inflatable jaw pads to make adjustments for a custom fit

Overliner – removable, moisture-resistant liner cover with antimicrobial properties built-in to protect the product, provides comfort and stability for patent information.

Speed youth helmet size chart:

SMALL: Hat size up to 6-1/2″; circumference = up to 20-3/8″

MEDIUM: Hat size 6-1/2″ – 7″; circumference 20-3/8″ – 22″

LARGE: Hat size 7″ – 7-1/2″; circumference 22″ – 23-1/2″

X-LARGE: Hat size 7-1/2″ and up; circumference 23-1/2″ and up

If in between sizes, choose the smaller size RIDDELL fitting guide.

A properly fitted helmet is an important first step in player protection to determine the head size.

To measure someone’s for their head size

1. Wrap a cloth measuring tape around the circumference of the player’s head approximately 1″ above the player’s eyebrows.

2. Record the measurement and refer to the chart below.

If the measurement falls between helmet sizes, choose the smaller size due to varying head sizes. The chart below is only a recommendation.


Riddell Youth SpeedFlex Football Helmet

Keep your young football star primed for action and safe on the field with the Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet.

Patented Side Impact Protection (PSIP™) minimizes energy on impact to the mandible region, while the innovative Flex System throughout the shell, facemask and facemask attachment system also helps to reduce impact force to a player’s head. The SpeedFlex Youth Football Helmet also features a stainless steel HS4 facemask.


If a measurement falls between helmet sizes, choose the smaller size.



Interlock hands on top of helmet and press down – player should feel pressure on crown of their head, not their brow

Skin of the forehead should move with the front pad

Front of helmet should be about 1″ above the eyebrows

Jaw pads should feel firm against their face

There should be no room for twisting

If the helmet slides easily over the forehead, inflate liners or try a smaller helmet

To avoid injury or discomfort, never wear a helmet positioned too high or too low


Buckle top and bottom chin strap into snaps

Cup should be centered and snug over their chin

Adjust chin strap until cup is firmly pressed against their chin

When buckled, helmet should feel comfortable and snug


Football Helmet Warning 

Schutt Sports Youth Air XP Hybrid Plus Football Helmet

The XP Hybrid+ features TPU and foam cushioning, mechanically attached TPU for a more secure fit and traditional style standoff shell. It also comes with soft cup chinstrap and TPU jaw pads.

Hybrid TPU Cushioning

Mechanically Attached TPU

Traditional Standard Shell


Schutt Vengeance Pro Adult Football Helmet

The Varsity Vengeance PRO features a new, low-profile helmet shell along with a new front pad and inflatable crown liner.

The TPU cushioning is featured inside the helmet even in the inter-link jaw pads. The TPU Cushioning won’t take a compression set, even after thousands of impacts.

The liner on the helmet wraps itself around the player’s head, evenly distributing the pressure and weight. This helmet comes standard with inter-link jaw pads and a SC4 hard cup chinstrap.

5 Star (Best Available Rating) in the VA Tech Star System.

Open Air flow inside the helmet is enhanced with the open sided TPU cushions.

Comes standard with 5/8″ Inter-Link jaw pads.

Faceguard is sold separately.


Rawlings Adult Impulse Football Helmet

Designed for the gridirons most elite players, the Rawlings NRG Impulse lightweight helmet provides high-performance protection and comfort for next-level athletes, who need to make a visible on-field impact.

High-Performance polycarbonate shell with Heat Exchange vents and Rawlings Custom Comfort Cushion

Stainless steel hardware

Durable Surlyn facemask clips


NOCSAE Approved