Below you will find several quality skateboard helmets that we recommend.


Triple Eight Gotham Helmet MIPS, Black Rubber

Contains new MIPS Technology

Helmet contains MIPS (multi directional impact protection system), a Technology that upon impact, absorbs rotational energy created in many crashes

Dual Certified: Complies with U.S. CPSC bike and ASTM skate safety standards

ABS outer shell with patented cone head EPS liner Technology providing a lighter helmet with greater energy displacement on impact

Grooved EPS for excellent air flow

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Predator FR7 Blue Certified Longboard Skateboard Helmet

Predator FR7 Blue Helmet Size Medium / Large

High Impact (Hard) EPS Inner Foam Mold

Certification: CPSC, CE EN-1078, ASTM 1492

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S1 Lifer Silver Gloss Glitter  Skateboard Helmet

S1 Lifer Silver Gloss Glitter Helmet Size Medium

High Impact (Hard) EPS Inner Foam Mold

5 x Safer than a Soft Foam Helmet

Certification: CPSC, CE EN-1078, ASTM 1492

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TSG – Pass Pro Carbon Helmet for Skatboarding  (+ Bonus Visor)

HARDSHELL CARBON CONSTRUCTION: Carbon reinforced fibre for high-end, full-face helmets with reduced weight.

SIZE ADJUST CHEEK PADS: Additional foam wedges can be installed into the cheek pads to adjust thickness to fit all faces.

2 SPHERICAL LENSES (CLEAR AND TINTED WITH ANTI-SCRATCH/ANTI-FOG TREATED): The spherical lens geometry supports distortion-free vision right to the periphery. Each helmet comes with two visors: mirrored, tinted and clear, for various light conditions. The inside of the visor comes with anti-fog coating and the outer with anti-scratch treatment to protect it from light wear and tear. Visors are CE EN174 certified.

SEALED VIEW WINDOW: The view window has a sealing so that the visor is completely sealed when closed, and no airflow comes in.


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Sector 9 Channel Downhill Full Face Helmet

Full face helmet

CPSC Certified, CE Certified

Side air vents, mirrored tinted lens, sized fitting pads, custom dd logo

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Bern 2017 Watts EPS Summer

ALL SEASON – Pick the model that best fits your style and customize your helmet with our range of seasonal upgrades. Winter Upgrade Kit Available Separately

BIKE LIGHT COMPATIBLE – The Asteroid and Meteoroid fit all new and older Bern helmets with a two-hole mount located in the rear of the shell. Lights Available Separately

CRANK FIT – Tried and true proprietary dial adjustment system. Simple and durable. Meets Safety Certification CPSC, EN1077B, EN1078

THIN SHELL – Our tried-and-true technology, ThinShell is the ultimate balance between hard ABS or polycarbonate shell thickness and interior EPS foam thickness. Safe, durable and strong

SIZE CHART – Season 17: Small/Medium (54-57 cm), Large/X-Large (57-60.5 cm), XX-Large/XXX-Large (60.5-63.5 cm). Season 18: Small (54-57 cm), Medium (57-60.5 cm), Large (60.5-63.5 cm)

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Triple 8 Skateboard Helmet, Black Rubber/Red Interior

With its timeless design, killer color range and our unique rubber or glossy finish, the Triple Eight Sweatsaver Helmet is a staple of our helmet collection.

And with our stink-free, moisture-wicking Sweatsaver Liner inside, it’s a helmet you’ll use for years to come. Sweatsaver replacement liners are also sold separately in various colors to customize your helmet.

Multi-impact Design

Sweatsaver liner comes standard

Adjustable Strap

Triple Eight Customized Logo Rivets

Does not meet CPSC, ASTM, or NZ Certification

Multi-impact design

Sweatsaver liner

Adjustable straps. Classic skate side cut helmet design

Triple Eight customized logo rivets

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Pro-Tec Full Cut Skateboard Helmet

Medium size professional quality retro helmet for action sports; fits head 22.0-22.8 inches (56-58cm)

Outer ABS shell and inner 2-stage foam liner protect against hard, fast falls and high-impact slams

Plush moisture wicking liner and fabric prevents dripping sweat, allowing wearer to stay drier and focus

17 open vents improve flow-through air channeling to keep the wearer cool during intense action sports

Full coverage design covers ears and head for a classic 1970s look while offering maximum protection

High Density Polyethylene

2 stage liner


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Riding skateboards if great fun, but it can also be dangerous. If you’re gonna skate you need to wear a helmet. Our advice is for you to choose a high quality helmet, and make sure it fits correctly… and then wear it every time you skate. exists to help you choose the right helmet to fit your skating style and your personality.

Check out our collection of articles about skateboard helmets and you’ll discover what to look for and how to select the right helmet.


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Arai Cosair-X Nicky-7 Street Motorcycle Helmet

American MotoGP Champion. The Corsair-X comes standard with the VAS Max Vision Shield to provide better visibility in all seasons and for all types of riding. Adjustable air intake vents provide improved sealing, which decreases road noise and water intrusion.DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard.

Quick-release lever for side pod and face shield.

Clear anti-fog Pinlock® insert for all-season visibility

De-mist latch position slightly cracks the shield open

Removable neck roll with exhaust channels

Chin curtain blocks air intrusion

Fully removable Eco-Pure liner. Removable temple and crown padding

Cheek pads feature emergency release tabs

Peel-away ear pockets for speakers

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It’s no secret that riding motorcycles can be dangerous, that’s why it’s critically important that you give yourself maximum protection. The most important piece of protective gear you can wear is a high quality helmet. exists to help you make a well informed buying decision.

Check out our collection of blog articles and other information about motorcycle helmets. You’ll learn how to select the right helmet for you and your style of riding.