This article will answer the question of why it’s important for kids to wear a helmet while riding their skateboards.

We will also tell you what the best skate helmets for kids are.


Skateboarding is Super Popular and Has Been for Decades.

Many kids love the feeling of riding a board in the street or at the local skate park. Unfortunately, too many parents fail to realize the risk their kids are at and do not insist on them wearing a helmet while skateboarding.

This article will answer the question of why it’s important for kids to wear a helmet while riding their skateboards. 

We will also tell you what the best skate helmets for kids are.

Skating and skateboarding are wonderfully beneficial to increasing balance, agility, reaction time, and coordination in kids. 

These are things they will not learn by playing computer games. Even learning to respond quickly in real life is different than learning it through gaming. 

Kids have a lot of fun on skates and skateboarding and it can be a valuable social activity at the local skate park.

You will want to make sure your kids are well protected as they skate. 

A helmet is by far the most important item of safety gear for skating. There’s the risk of falling and spraining a wrist, twisting an ankle, breaking a bone or other injuries. 

Most all of them will heal in time, (an with kids this is often a relatively short time,) but with brain damage, it may never fully heal.

You don’t know how hard pavement is until your head hits it hard. Head injuries even suffered at a young age, will never heal one hundred percent. 

This is why it is most important for your child to have their head protected by the safest skateboard helmet.

More than 80,000 people are treated in emergency rooms for skateboard-related injuries annually. 

Skateboarding injuries can range from minor to life-threatening. Skateboarders have died from head injuries from falling and collisions.

You always need a helmet when you ride your board. You will crash eventually. You will be better protected if you are wearing a helmet and other safety gear. 

You may be able to just get up and keep skating. If you’re not wearing a helmet or safety gear you are more likely find yourself on the way to an emergency room. 

Even a low-speed fall can scramble your brains.

What is the Safest Skateboard Helmet

In short, it’s helmet that is certified for skateboarding and that you child is wearing properly.

If you kid has their lid on and it’s not done up, it’s as impractical as most fashion accessories.

How Can I Make Sure My Kids Wear Their Helmets Properly

The most important things here are the helmet must fit comfortably and your children must feel good about wearing their helmet.

Buy the right size helmet and make sure it is properly adjusted. You will usually have to check this every few weeks.

Helmet chin straps can loosen over time with use. If they are too loose or too tight they can be uncomfortable. If they are too loose or not fastened the helmet will be of no use at all.

Most helmets are adjustable. This is important for a firm but comfortable fit. You can read our guide here on fitting your child’s helmet properly.

Buying a helmet your child thinks is uncool it a bad mistake. If they do not feel good about wearing it they won’t.

It’s easy to spend a little time with your child looking at the variety of styles and designs available on

We are able to offer a very broad selection so you are more likely to find a helmet your kid will feel good about wearing than if you go to the sports store.

Encouraging and educating your kids about helmet safety will also help ensure they wear their helmets.

It’s one thing to lay down the law and tell them they must wear a helmet, but that’s not always effective.

Sitting down with them and teaching them why will give them a better understanding.

Showing them the risks and dangers of not wearing a helmet will be a good incentive to wear their helmet while skateboarding.

Check out this article about how to teach your kids to have a healthy helmet habit.

Can Skateboard Helmets Be Worn For Cycling?

We have a selection of helmets here which are certified for both skateboarding and cycling.

It can be far more practical for kids to have just one helmet, as well as being cheaper.

They may prefer to ride their bike to the skate park where they will ride their skateboard.

Having to lug around another helmet will be a pain and they are likely not to do it, or just skate with their bike helmet on.

This is something well worth considering if you children like to ride and skate.

Helmets for skateboarding may be the law in your area, and you can’t use most skateparks without one.

Helmets for cycling are required by law in many areas.

A skateboard helmet works by softening the impact when the foam inside gives or crushes.

The hard shell on most skateboard helmets can withstand multiple impacts.

Bike helmets use thin plastic that often breaks immediately on the first impact.

The best interior foam for skateboard is probably Expanded PolyPropylene (EPP).

It looks like bike helmet foam, but feels a bit rubbery.

Unlike bike helmet EPS foam, EPP recovers and is good for the next impact.

Please take a look at our recommend helmets certified for both skateboarding and cycling here.

Here’s our list of helmets recommended for skating only.
Our Recommended Skateboard Helmets.