It’s easy to find out what size motorcycle helmet you need. It’s a little more tricky to find out what shape motorcycle helmet you need.
This is because it is difficult to see the top of your head.


Motorcycle Helmets Come in Various Sizes and
Basically Three Different Shapes.

You need to measure the circumference of your head. Just above your eyebrows and around above your ears.

The ‘baseball cap area’. This is the largest part of the human skull, so the most crucial measurement to ensure you get the right sized helmet.

The best way to take this measurement is with a dress makers tape measure.

The flexible kind usually made from cloth or plastic that you will be able to wrap around your head.

Preferably it will have both metric and inches. If you don’t have one you can use a piece of string or wire to check your head size and measure that with a straight ruler.

You can get special measuring tapes from some motorcycle helmet manufacturers with helmet size marked on them.

It’s best to take a measurement in centimeters or inches and rely on this.

The helmet sizes on the tape may be specific to that manufactures helmets.

Once you have the measurement you can determine the size helmet you need from this chart.

We Do Not All Have the Same Shape Heads

Standard motorcycle helmet shapes are:

Oval  (sometimes called Long Oval)

Intermediate Oval


The way to determine the shape of your head for a motorcycle helmet is to look directly down at the top of your head.

You’ll need to ask a friend to do this for you. You can also use your phone to take a photograph of the top of your head.

Make sure the phone is as parallel as it can be so you get a good perspective of the top.

Don’t hold your phone on an angle. If you can see too much of your face, ears, or the back of your head, take another photo.

The easiest way to do this is to hold your phone flat against the top of your head with both hands and then raise your arms as high as you can.

Take a photo and check that you can clearly see the shape of your head.


Why Size Matters When Buying a Motorcycle Helmet

You want your motorcycle helmet to be as practical and comfortable as possible.

If your helmet is the wrong size it will be uncomfortable to wear and may not provide the optimum protection at a crucial time.

A motorcycle helmet that is too small will cause pain after wearing it for more than half an hour.

This can bring on headaches and may impair your vision.

Overly large helmets will move around on your head.

It may seem more comfortable at first, but it will not do its job properly if you have an accident.

A loosely fitting motorcycle helmet is at risk of flying of your head and leaving you vulnerable.

Also, wind noise and buffeting are increased with a helmet that’s too big.

Aim For Protection, Comfort, and Cool

Once you have determined what size and shape motorcycle helmet you need, choose a helmet you will be comfortable wearing.

Being confident your helmet will give you the protection you need is important.

Knowing you have a top quality helmet protecting one of the most vulnerable parts of your body will give you satisfaction.

You will enjoy riding more with this assurance of protection.

It can be annoying being irritated by a poorly fitting helmet when you are riding.

A tight helmet will cause pressure points as it rubs against parts of your head.

This pressure can become painful and cause headaches. This is not conducive to a good ride.

If your motorcycle helmet is too large for your head it might seem more comfortable when you first put it one.

Once you are riding you may find a helmet that’s too big is really not comfortable at all. The noise and buffeting as you are riding from too much air flowing freely through you helmet will be uncomfortable.

This will be especially noticeable when you are riding at speed.

An overly large helmet that moves around freely on your head may come flying off in the case of an accident, even when the chin strap is fastened.

Finding a helmet that suits who you are and the character of your bike is important to.

You don’t need to buy the coolest helmet on the market, and you should consider safety first.

But a motorcycle helmet you feel good about wearing is important. It will be more effective because you will be more likely to wear it if it fits your style.

You need to consider the climate you will ride in mostly.

Some motorcycle helmets have more cooling ventilation than others and are more comfortable in hot climates.

Wearing In A Motorcycle Helmet

After a period of wearing in motorcycle helmet padding can shrink up to 20%.

When you have measured your head carefully and checked the shape, buy a helmet based on these calculations.

A new helmet should be a little difficult to put on. In time the padding will shape to your head.

This is similar to buying a new pair of leather shoes.

At first they will be somewhat uncomfortable until they are broken in and better conformed to the shape of your foot.

It’s not a good idea to buy a size down trying to calculate for the wearing in because if the helmet is too small you will still find it uncomfortable to wear.

Measure Your Head and Make Your Selection

It’s very easy to measure your head and check the shape, or have someone help you do this.

From there you need to choose a helmet with the corresponding size which is the right shape for your head.

Having a well-fitting motorcycle helmet will give you far better comfort and protection than a poorly fitted one.

Please take a look at Helmet Geeks recommended motorcycle helmets or make your choice from the many brands and styles we have available.